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Apron Exchange

Apron Exchange represents a podium for small, local, women, and minority-held businesses to sell and share their handcrafted items with captivated audiences. This community-first concept was founded by FOODWORKS in 2018 and continues empowering entrepreneurs nationwide.


FOODWORKS created the IGNITE program in April of 2022 due to reduced funding for restaurants from the federal government. 

FOODWORKS saw an opportunity to step in and support their loyal partners nationwide. They introduced IGNITE, a nationwide community grant program for their restaurant partners, with over $100,000 available in immediate grants. 

This grant program enables women and minority-owned vendor partners to add new equipment, expand operations, or achieve certifications to help them grow their local customer base and bring local flavor to corporate Compass USA clients.


FOODWORKS’ GREEN Project highlights chefs across the country who create unique, exciting, and flavorful dining experiences that are both healthy and sustainable by integrating more fruits and vegetables into menu items. 

GREEN’S guiding principles are based on the Culinary Institute of America’s ‘Menus of Change’ and FOODWORKS' mutual commitment to advancing public education and the availability of plant-forward options in the American diet. 

This unique collaboration with chefs and restaurants focuses on a balanced and sustainable approach to health through amazing flavor experiences with an emphasis on fruits and vegetables versus a focus on vegan or vegetarian menu offerings.

FOODWORKS has created a network of partners across the country to support the plant-forward efforts of GREEN. The potential for more exposure has encouraged larger and specifically local restaurants, especially in nontraditional environments like corporate dining, colleges and universities, healthcare, manufacturing, and distribution. 


Since January 2021, The A-LIST has brought America’s current and up-and-coming chefs to your next party or event with cooking demos, catering, and more unique offerings available to fit a wide range of needs.

The A-LIST program acts like your personal concierge to the country’s best chefs. It can be curated to meet the needs of any event and create truly memorable experiences—from unique catering at sporting events and large-scale events to workplaces looking for ways to engage employees back at the office and much more.

FOODWORKS offers multiple tiers and options for this program, allowing every party and organization to find the right chef and culinary expert for their needs. 

Let's Talk

FOODWORKS is a restaurant and small business incubator committed to the future of corporate dining. Launched in Chicago in 2018, we partner with the best local restaurants and bring their food to office buildings everywhere through creative, technology-driven concepts. We look forward to hearing from you.

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