Dining for the New Workplace

FOODWORKS is a restaurant incubator on a mission: to shape the future of corporate dining through a local food lens. 

Are you looking to support the local community with diverse dining options? FOODWORKS is the solution. 

Designed for the new workplace, FOODWORKS is a simple, proven onsite dining platform that creates community through food by partnering with the best local restaurants and showcasing them in client operations to build a connection with authentic, ethnic experiences where diversity is baked into the culture. 

Powered By Compass

FOODWORKS is a division of global foodservice leader Compass Group. A flavor-first approach guides everything we do. We care deeply about quality, sustainability, and integrity in sourcing and deliver that to our guests daily.

As part of global foodservice leader Compass Group, we leverage our expertise to collaborate with companies nationwide to meet the needs of today's workers. We aim to create happier, more productive environments by connecting people to good food.

Since the launch of FOODWORKS in 2018, we have partnered with hundreds of independent restaurants in more than 250 locations. They also allow us the freedom to operate our business model without constraining us to one avenue or idea, resulting in unique partnerships and memorable dining experiences across the country. 

Let's Talk

FOODWORKS is a restaurant and small business incubator committed to the future of corporate dining. Launched in Chicago in 2018, we partner with the best local restaurants and bring their food to office buildings everywhere through creative, technology-driven concepts. We look forward to hearing from you.

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