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Food that works where you work

FOODWORKS creates community through food by partnering with the best local restaurants and bringing them to where you work. You get to enjoy the flavors of different neighborhoods under one roof while contributing to the success of small businesses that are the heart and culinary soul of our communities. With FOODWORKS, a restaurant-quality lunch that’s convenient, creative and always delicious is yours to enjoy every day.

What’s cooking at FOODWORKS?

Your favorite local foods under one roof

We partner with neighborhood eateries, food trucks and startups and feature them in your workplace as weekly pop-ups. Our mission is to bring delicious food to you and support the people who make it.


Exciting neighborhood restaurants are at the heart of our operation. We do the work to find the spots everyone’s talking about, the ones you’ve been meaning to try and the up-and-comers who deserve more of the spotlight, and we bring them to your workplace.


Our restaurant partners prepare everything fresh and on-site in fully outfitted stations, using their own recipes. The result: a restaurant-quality experience in a flexible pop-up format that’s convenient for both restaurants and their guests.


We mix it up to ensure there’s always a healthy variety of restaurants and cuisines for you to enjoy. A month of FOODWORKS could mean Argentinian empanadas, barbecue ribs, pad Thai and poke bowls. In other words, lunch is never boring.

Keeping it fresh

Our restaurant partners cook up a diverse mix of cuisines, from Caribbean to Vietnamese and everything in between. Lunch is never boring with FOODWORKS in the building. A sample month's offerings from FOODWORKS is everything you need -- and want.

Week 1

Poke bowls are your all-in-one answer to eating colorfully and healthfully. This hard-working and highly Instagrammable Hawaiian dish features fresh diced fish and crunchy toppings over rice.

Week 2

Now’s your chance to try modern Indian cuisine from that new neighborhood place getting all the buzz. You just might find yourself speaking a new culinary language filled with flavorful curries, chutneys and chapati.

Week 3

Joy! Your favorite Vietnamese restaurant is serving up its signature banh mi. Chow down on this unbeatable combination of crusty baguette, savory meats and pickled veggies.

Week 4

Why try to explain your craving for an authentic Cuban sandwich? Just enjoy the savory specialty while your taste buds take a detour south to sunny Florida, where it all began.

Some of our partners
It's All Greek To Me
“Outside of the additional revenue, FOODWORKS has given us marketing exposure. We've gotten catering opportunities from just one week of doing a pop-up. That's exactly the exposure I was looking for in our second year of being open.”
“You’ve gotta generate buzz. You’ve gotta get people genuinely excited about what you’re doing, and that’s what FOODWORKS does. They’re all about bringing local flavor to downtown Detroit.”
“For FOODWORKS to reach out to us and offer us this opportunity as a small business, to come into their cafes and be a part of what’s going on with downtown Detroit, that's been a blessing.”
“FOODWORKS has an expansive network, so we try to go to as many locations as possible. You’re able to reach a different base of people, which is always great for business.”
“FOODWORKS struck us as an interesting concept because we’ve been trying to grow for so many years now. People ask us all the time about opening up another location, but the timing hasn’t worked out. So when FOODWORKS presented this to us, I was like, ‘Wow, we can go into these different locations and serve our food without having to open an actual store.’”
“With FOODWORKS, we saw an opportunity to work in a professional kitchen with professional chefs. It’s about learning every aspect of the food industry, and it’s helped us better serve our customers’ needs at our food truck.”
“FOODWORKS has been the perfect opportunity for us, especially in the summertime. Normally, restaurants in Arizona drop 10 to 15 percent in business due to the heat, but we haven’t had that this year at all… I sell out of my signature Crispy Garlic Chicken every time. It doesn’t matter how much I bring. And I can see sales of that dish increase at my restaurant.”
“FOODWORKS is great to work with. They make it very easy, from setting up to payment. It’s just a no-brainer, and Shannon [Kubina, general manager for FOODWORKS in Detroit] is amazing to work with.”
Where to find us

FOODWORKS is in ten cities, with more coming soon. Here’s a taste of how we’re changing the food scene.


Behind its historic Federal-style facade lies a food scene that surprises and delights around every corner.

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Washington D.C.

The nation’s capital has become a culinary capital.

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