Our Mission

FOODWORKS believes in building community through great food and dynamic spaces designed for the new workplace. Leveraging our expertise as part of global foodservice leader Compass Group, we partner with local restaurants to help them grow their business and collaborate with companies nationwide, evolving to meet the needs of today's workers.

Grow Community

Innovating in the workplace is our bread and butter. We believe that connecting people to good food creates happier, more productive environments.

Support Local

Local restaurants, women, and minority-owned businesses are central to our mission. They are the heart and soul of our cities. We work to help them succeed.

Community Projects

National Food Donation

FOODWORKS, will introduce a national food donation program to help eliminate food waste. As specialists in creating unique dining solutions in collaboration with local small businesses and food vendors across the country, FOODWORKS is eager to launch this program to recognize its partners who are dedicated to eliminating food waste from their business model and focused on fighting food insecurity in their communities.

According to recent studies, Americans waste 40 percent of food produced, and food is the number one item filling up landfills. Meanwhile, one in eight Americans are food insecure and struggle to access nutritious meals. The best way at-home consumers can fight food waste is to reduce surplus food, and they can do so by donating surplus food to local charities and nonprofits in the area.

Understanding the best way to fight food waste is to reduce surplus food not only in the production process but also through donations, FOODWORKS is implementing this new program in cities across the country. Every day, FOODWORKS’ partners will distribute and donate leftover food to local charities and food mission sites in their communities to help fight the rise of food waste and food insecurity.

Social Commitments

Environmental Sustainability
FOODWORKS, powered by Compass Group, the world’s largest food services group which operates in 45 countries, employs around 550,000 people, and serves over 5.5 billion meals a year, has announced a commitment to reach NetZero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across its global operations and value chain by 2050.

Let's Talk

FOODWORKS is a restaurant and small business incubator committed to the future of corporate dining. Launched in Chicago in 2018, we partner with the best local restaurants and bring their food to office buildings everywhere through creative, technology-driven concepts. We look forward to hearing from you.