Foodworks challenges its partners to recipe contest spotlighting peanuts

Compass Group’s national restaurant incubator, Foodworks, has launched its first Global Street Food Competition. The incubator has teamed up with the National Peanut Board, Lentil Council, U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council and the Mushroom Council to make it happen.

The competition kicked off in March with the National Peanut Board and will run through May 31st.

"The National Peanut Board is proud to join forces with Foodworks in presenting the First Annual Global Street Food Competition,” said Lauren Highfill Williams, director of communications for the National Peanut Board, in a statement. “Peanuts are not only a beloved ingredient but also a nutritious and sustainable option for plant-based cooking. By endorsing this competition, we are advancing our mission to promote the use of peanuts while cultivating innovation and culinary excellence. We anticipate witnessing how chefs across the country integrate peanuts into their plant-forward recipes and motivate consumers to embark on culinary explorations."

The contest is available to Foodworks partners exclusively.  To enter, partners must craft and present plant-forward recipes incorporating peanuts, which are the only nuts allowed in the recipe. All recipes also must be made of at least 51% plant-based ingredients.

The determine the winners, the Foodworks recipe panel will recreate and evaluate each recipe based on creativity, taste and presentation. The top four recipes will be selected as winners. 


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