Our Services

FOODWORKS believes in building community through great food and dynamic spaces designed for the new workplace. Leveraging our expertise as part of global foodservice leader Compass Group, we partner with local restaurants to help them grow their business. We also collaborate with companies nationwide, evolving to meet the needs of today's workers.


Foodworks partners with local artisans, bakers, restaurants & small businesses to give life to impactful & memorable events. Our featured restaurant partners create menus for small or large meetings and free food settings.

Market Cafe

How do you solve for a lower population and hybrid work schedules? The Market Cafe powered by FOODWORKS is a flexible retail solution that provides a dynamic, scalable, and seamless solution through a blend of operational, digital, and physical elements. This concept does not require production onsite.

Food Trucks

Food trucks have it all – mobile, easy to implement, require little infrastructure, nontraditional, fun, and offer on-trend culinary experiences. We provide food trucks across the country through a variety of service arrangements - client-funded, employee-paid, catering, and even indoor food trucks for when weather is an issue.

The model is customized to your needs. FOODWORKS partners with select food trucks and strategic partners to offer food trucks across the US, all fully vetted through our stringent Quality Assurance process. These mobile solutions give guests variety even when population levels are low or in flux.

Our Food Truck program offers flexible service solutions for meal drop-offs or single-day service to daily rotation of food trucks for fluctuating populations.


We can set up our micro-restaurants featuring the best local restaurants in your area to serve customers just about anywhere.


Ready-to-go meals are individually packaged on-site at the restaurant and safely delivered to a designated location

Virtual Experiences

FOODWORKS is proud to partner with HUNGRY, a national food-tech marketplace that connects businesses with America's current and upcoming celebrity chefs and local chefs to hosted parties or events with cooking demos, catering, and more unique offerings available to fit a wide range of needs.

Minimum Guarantee

For all the parties to be successful, FOODWORKS Operates with Minimum guarantees for all services, no matter the type or size. Together, we can support small businesses and help extend their reach.

Let's Talk

FOODWORKS is a restaurant and small business incubator committed to the future of corporate dining. Launched in Chicago in 2018, we partner with the best local restaurants and bring their food to office buildings everywhere through creative, technology-driven concepts. We look forward to hearing from you.

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