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What’s cooking in Denver?

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Mile High and hungry

Denver has so much going for it, for the FOODWORKS community and beyond. It’s the ultimate place for outdoorsy, adventurous types, but it also boasts a laidback urban sophistication that’s just cool, pardon the pun. The city founded on the prospect of gold shines today as a diverse destination for unique cultural events, colorful arts districts and must-visit museums. In the spring, Denver plays host to a famed Cinco de Mayo celebration, the largest of its kind in the United States. Come fall, hordes of craft-beer lovers descend on the Colorado Convention Center for the Great American Beer Festival, the largest beer festival in the world.


And let’s face it. You really can’t talk about the Mile High City without talking beer. (Okay, and cannabis.) While it’s true Denver has the craft-beer scene on lock, there’s much more that defines the culinary vibe of this snow-capped city and, in turn, the work we do at FOODWORKS. Hip neighborhoods such as RiNo and LoHi are packed with everything from upscale Italian to Venezuelan arepas counters, and they’re the perfect place to discover the next FOODWORKS favorite. Denver is also a hub for intriguing pop-up restaurants, approachable chef-driven concepts and artisanal third-wave cafes, all of which we work to support every day as part of the FOODWORKS family.

Featured Restaurants in Denver

Gypsy Q

Well, we are food professionals who just so happen to enjoy the art and science of BBQ and smoked meats. Gypsy Q is more than just a catering service and food truck slinging some of the best BBQ in town. We strive to create experiences through our expertise in event planning and BBQ. Our passion is driven by the old-fashioned backyard barbecue parties where friends and family gather for unforgettable moments together.

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Orange Crunch

We take pride in making our food from the freshest ingredients and always made to order. Though we specialize in Filipino fusion cuisine, we provide a global menu catered to your event.
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