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What’s cooking in Chicago?

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Big Shoulders, big appetite

The City of Big Shoulders, the home base for FOODWORKS, has a big appetite that goes deeper than deep-dish pizza. There’s a reason why the James Beard Awards, the Oscars of the restaurant world, are held here. But in addition to decorated chefs and Michelin-starred restaurants—not to mention top major-league sports teams, world-class museums and a gorgeous lakefront—Chicago has a wealth of indie restaurants to be discovered in diverse neighborhoods across the city, the very restaurants we at FOODWORKS and our guests love.


In the Rogers Park neighborhood on the Far North Side, Devon Avenue brims with Indian and Pakistani restaurants, markets, bakeries and spice shops. For those craving pho, banh mi and other Vietnamese and Southeast Asian foods (which happen to be favorite menu items at FOODWORKS), the scene is just as vibrant along Argyle Street in Uptown. In Pilsen, a predominantly Mexican neighborhood south of downtown Chicago, you’ll find a bustling mix of tasting-menu restaurants, hipster cafes and traditional Mexican street vendors, some of whom are FOODWORKS partners.


The flavors of FOODWORKS are everywhere you look in Chicago. It’s this food scene that inspired the creation of FOODWORKS and continues to drive our growth across Chicago and the nation.

Featured Restaurants in Chicago

90 Miles

The Gonzalez family came from Cuba on June 13, 1980 on a shrimp boat from the Mariel Harbor Cuba. After 15 hours in a stormy black sea they finally reached Key West, only 90 Miles from their beloved Cuba. They immediately started working towards their American dream. Their dedication has given them the opportunity to be able to share their essence of Cuban culture and authentic Cuban cuisine right from their kitchen table to you. Visit Their Website

Aloha Poke

Aloha Pokē Co. is Chicago’s pokē pioneer. Our first location was a tiny food stall in a train station and now we are the classic story that ‘BIG things come in little packages’. The intention is simple: pack fresh, fast and tasty bowls of quality raw ingredients. We have a mission to rethink fast food and we are here to provide a healthy meal that fuels the day. Born & raised in Chicago, we are spreading our wings from coasts to capital!

Visit Their Website

Garufina Flava

Named for the Garifuna people of Central America, family owned and operated Garifuna Flava provides Caribbean, Latin, and indigenous Garifuna cuisine in dishes that are full of culture and tradition. The restaurant provides a full bar and a banquet hall.


It is our home away from home. As you walk through our doors, know that we welcome you to our home. Our food and recipes have been handed down from generation to generation. We hope you enjoy them. Whether you are visiting our restaurant on Jefferson Street or ordering online, we strive to make your experience perfect. If there is anything we can do, please do not hesitate to ask for one of the Raskins. Thank you for choosing Manny’s. Enjoy.

Visit Their Website

Taco Joint

Shaped by traditional flavors & regional street eats - this is the place for authentic Mexican comfort food. 

Visit Their Website
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