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Working together to support local food

As a restaurant

Gain a new customer base, drive sales and build your brand. With FOODWORKS on your side, you can bring your food to more guests in prime locations such as office buildings and retail complexes.

Partner as a Restaurant

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As a property

Boost your property’s appeal with dining options your guests will love. The best part? FOODWORKS does the work for you by finding the right mix of restaurants your tenants will love.                                  

Partner as a Property

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We’re as passionate about good food as you are

FOODWORKS builds community. Restaurants and the properties that host them as pop-ups both benefit by partnering with us. Guests enjoy a top-notch meal every time they visit a FOODWORKS restaurant, and that keeps them coming back for more.

Join the family

We work with dozens of partners nationwide to bring a restaurant-quality lunch experience to hundreds of happy customers every day. Interested in joining us?

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Some of our Partners

It's All Greek To Me
Where to find us

FOODWORKS is in fourteen cities, with more coming soon. Here’s a taste of how we’re changing the food scene.


Behind its historic Federal-style facade lies a food scene that surprises and delights around every corner.

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The Windy City is second to none when it comes to cool restaurants.

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Culinary camaraderie runs deep in this Midwestern city.

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Come explore this Midwestern magnet for big-city chefs looking to spread their creative wings.

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Go the distance in the Mile High City for excellent craft beer and much, much more.

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Motor City takes pride in its neighborhood restaurants and so do we.

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The fourth largest U.S. city in the second largest state is cooking up big things.


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From sophisticated gastropubs to burger dives to craft donut shops, there’s nothing mini about Minneapolis dining.

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There’s a lot to love in the City of Brotherly Love. Its historic food halls are a good place to start.

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It’s hot here—and getting hotter—thanks to our eclectic mix of partners.

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Washington D.C.

The nation’s capital has become a culinary capital.

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San Diego
Fish tacos and craft beer are just the start in sunny San Diego.  Learn more