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What’s cooking in Detroit?

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Coney dogs and more

Detroit’s food scene is, like the city itself, constantly evolving, which makes it that much more exciting for FOODWORKS. The story of Detroit, the birthplace of Motown, is one of adversity, recovery and revitalization. The momentum has picked up in recent years with a new rail transit initiative, ambitious redevelopments of blighted properties into cultural destinations and robust investment in the city’s burgeoning tech scene.


That same energy extends to the Motor City’s dining scene, and it’s one we at FOODWORKS are watching closely. Square-edged pan pizza and Coney dogs hold a special place in every Detroit foodie’s heart (and for the latter, American Coney Island is the go-to spot and a FOODWORKS fave). But locals and visitors to Detroit should leave plenty of room to explore experimental pop-up restaurants, farm-to-table bistros, Beard Award-nominated restaurants and vegan eateries as well, all of which are winning the city and FOODWORKS fans over. Eater Detroit’s Hot List in early 2019 included a modern Korean restaurant, an eight-seat tasting menu restaurant, a Japanese izakaya and a new-school diner serving vegan comfort-food. Clearly, there is no shortage of dining options, hard-working entrepreneurs or enthusiastic eaters in Detroit, which bodes well for the city and for FOODWORKS.

Featured Restaurants in Detroit

7 Greens

From farm to fork, the ingredients on our menu are sourced as locally and seasonally as possible. With no freezer in house, everything is prepared fresh daily as if you were at home. Our menu allows you to choose from one of our classics or to fashion your own with a plethora of vegetables, fruits, cheeses, nuts, proteins and our fresh homemade gluten free sauces. Visit Their Website

American Coney Island

The American Coney Island Hot Dog has been a favorite with Detroiters and visitors for nearly a century. The reasons for the great popularity of the American Coney Island is the high quality, specially-seasoned, natural skin casing hot dog from Dearborn Sausage and our own Keros family secret recipe Coney Island Chili Sauce developed decades ago. Add to that a topping of fine mustard and sweet chopped onions that is the final touch to the distinctive overall taste and flavor of the American Coney Island Hot Dog. Served in a warm steamed bun, it's no wonder the American Coney Island Hot Dog has been such a tantalizing treat that's still hard to beat after all these years! Visit Their Website

Byblos Cafe & Grill

Opened in October of 2004, Byblos Cafe and Grill has been the place to go for a great, interactive dining experience. Byblos exemplifies what the city has to offer in great food and great service. By utilizing out catering services, we bring our experience to your table.

Lefty’s Famous Cheesesteak

Our pilot store is owned and operated by entrepreneur Sam Berry in Livonia, MI. Sam struggled growing up as a lefty. He struggled smearing his hand writing papers in school, only having right handed scissors to use and finding a baseball glove in gym class that was for left handed individuals. This gave Sam the idea of branding a new fast casual concept that highlighted all the famous left handed people in the world. He also incorporated a dry erase board titled "lefty's corner" where right handed individuals are challenged to write their names left handed every day. Visit Their Website
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